Let’s Talk About It, SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK.

I can not certainly tell you whether social media breaks work because it’s your responsibility to make them work.

After getting a lot of criticism from people around me about my timely breaks from social media, I believe there is something we are not putting across clearly.

First and foremost this thing called social media has not always been part of our being as humans, so when I see every one acting like their life depends on it, I am a little bit disturbed.

But I also approve that social media has supplied one of our greatest human needs which is communication and interaction with each other.

Social Media is not a toxic place for me, that’s why I don’t call my breaks #socialmediadetox . It’s my responsibility to create a safe community on social media and if that means blocking, un-friending or reporting then it’s my power to do that.

Social media is the only place where most of us can really be our selves, or live our fantasy but that also means the same for bullies and other negative people, some of who it may not be in our favour to block because of unavoidable circumstances.

That brings me to the issue of taking a break from social media. Personally, taking breaks helps me focus my time on my education since my degree is on its way, I often get these breaks month to my exam’s because that is a time I want to fully concentrate.

Getting the best time is ample in the effectiveness of your break, like a time where you are more devoted to a given aspect of your life that is less dependant on social media.


1.For some people like me, taking a break means uninstalling all the apps.

1. For others its having a strict time table when they will check their apps like from 4pm to 6pm. Or in the morning hours.

3. For others its being intentional not to spend more than a given amount of time on social media a day, say not more than 40 minutes. So this time will be evenly distributed evenly around the day as you wish.


I can not certainly tell you whether social media breaks work because it’s your responsibility to make them work.

You may leave for a month yet all you think about is social media. I have a friend who will take a break but they will be on another person’s phone trying to see who posted what! If that is you then it’s not working, but we must appreciate the effort, and the fact that we are trying to be better people.


When you take a break (in what ever way), you should have a schedule of the things you want to accomplish as you are away. Ask your self every time you feel the urge to fall back,

Ask your self: Why am I off social media?, for me the answer is “so I can get fully devoted to my degree” so then I’ll read a text book instead.

If you cannot find a reason why you need to get away from social media, then it’s only best that you go back, It’s not going to be easy, like many things in life but its not fair for you to restrain your self. A lot of discipline will take you a long way. But still it’s all about you.

©®. I am only sharing my views on this post, I am just a student, poet, writer and music lover who wants to be a better person.

The Unmolded Jar.

believe me when I’ tell you, life can be a bitch!

I’ve wanted to turn the page,
for so long to see a change
I’ve moved one mile,
only to stager in a radius of pains hooks.
I’ve cried a river and broken walls,
but still not perfect.
You would say.
I carry my pain, and curse my scars.
I fight my demons, so late in the night. .

Show me, love me, trust me
I begged the world for approval,
but got served with reproach. Imperfect, disfigured, weak,and undeserving
Is all I got, in for my quest.
Rejected by a father before birth,
neglected by a mother after birth, trust me I know when I say “Life can be a bitch”.

There is a song of love,
the birds hum it, every day break,
There is a whisper of hope, the wind blows it every fall,
And there is a dance of life, the leaves sway to it all day.
Do good, feel good.
Face your demons every day, and shine your light to melt them.
Let life’s simplicity teach you to love, live, laugh from the heart.
There is more to life

The One You’ll Always Remember.

People say the things you do hunt you, but i think the things you don’t do, those will haunt you! Do all that’s in your power to do, love and save the world everyday!


Im that song you didnt sing, but later found it was fire, bringing chills into your veins, building pins on your skin. I hope every lyric priks your pride, busting melodies that wake your nights. You have me now on replay! I’m the things you’ll never forget.

Im that road you passed by, seeing no future or lights ahead. You thought there was a better place, but you also thought it’d never be through me. Your stamping feet, I knew I’d see again, crawling back on arms and legs. I didn’t promise you no glitter. I just wanted to see you quiver, in your melting pride, drowned. Then I could let you go.

I’m the hope you never had, when all you needed was take one more step. The tears you never cried, when your anger boiled your brains. The courage you did not have, to let go. I’m the love you didnt admit, the apology you did’nt give and the wish that hangs by your brightest night star. Am the one You’ll always remember!

The Sinking Petal.

It fell from a bouquet, Large and red, scented in colours of an unleashed rainbow, above a purple orchard of blossoming flowers, sprinkling crystal glows, of rain dust that twinkles and shines like golden tear drops.

It fell on a sea of raging wind, the galping waters of raw mercy. Salted by restless tosses! to reach a place of no relief.

But the petal gently swayed, not noticing cruelty, but rather soaring as if on a bed, built in the glory stars. Up, down, upper and downner. The petal fell in the same calmness to the tide, with which it’d rose!

As it topples with waves of gloom, I will glide on the highest of them, perhaps enjoy the thrill of the fall. Life is not a petfect sail, I being caught up in its huddles yields nothing less, or more pain. If there is any thing to do, Learn how to Live!



When I met love

She was a woman

A beautiful black flower

That had lost its petals

But in some way, it had survived

Through pain and loss,

That’s when I knew

I couldn’t let her go!

When I met love

He was a man

His fore head layered with history’s lines

And his eyes colored with grit

As black as the night

It seemed to sip from his skin

That’s when my heart was split

I just wanted a kiss

When I met love

It was a pet

On a cold, misty evening

It looked at me with intent

The kind of stare that says

If you don’t help me, no one will.

It was going to be a cold long night.

We both knew we needed a cuddle